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Blockchain Applications in Telecommunication

November 1, 2018
New blockchain applications emerge every day. Many companies are now looking into implementing it and utilize all the usefulness that it brings. Blockchain is one of the new technologies that deal with peer to peer data connection and gives an open, decentralized network to use. Powered by consensus algori...

Blockchain in Content Distribution

October 6, 2018
The fever of blockchain seems to take on most of the current industries as we know of. Bitcoin showed us a glimpse of a world without banks and financial institutions. More and more blockchain applications are joining the race today. And what is really important, these technologies are suggesting that they...

Buying Your First Cryptocurrency [Beginner Guide]

September 26, 2018
Cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, are still an important topic for many. You can hear about it all around the world, slowly becoming a daily subject among colleagues, friends, and even family members. Many new businesses have been established to capitalize on the trend, providing the market with an abundance...

Blockchain Applications In Insurance

September 17, 2018
Every day blockchain is concurring one industry at a time. After establishing all the ground for Bitcoin, the system is now taking over logistics, healthcare, and insurance industries. Ruling everything coming at its way, it’s time for corporate organizations to come forward too. The merge of blockchain wi...
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