Most Interesting Cryptocurrencies of 2018 so Far

Most Interesting Cryptocurrencies of 2018 so Far

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August 22, 2018 by Piotr Jurowiec
Nowadays cryptocurrencies are not new things. Many skeptic people have said cryptocurrencies to be a tech-bubble. However, blockchains and cryptocurrencies have come back every time with a bang louder than the previous ones. Today, more and more people are getting interested to invest on cryptocurrency. But the big question remains — what is the most
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Nowadays cryptocurrencies are not new things. Many skeptic people have said cryptocurrencies to be a tech-bubble. However, blockchains and cryptocurrencies have come back every time with a bang louder than the previous ones. Today, more and more people are getting interested to invest on cryptocurrency. But the big question remains — what is the most effective cryptocurrency?

Well, those of you do know things in a more detailed way know that the world of cryptocurrency is extremely volatile. The currency value acts like a raging roller coaster — it goes way up all on sudden, and it could hit the ground without any warning! So, you cannot just place your bet on a particular one and keep your fingers crossed. You need to be more calculative than ever. So, where should invest on in 2018?

Here is a list of the cryptocurrencies which seem to be worthwhile to keep an eye on. May the luck shine upon you!

Top 5 Most Interesting Cryptocurrencies of 2018 so Far

1. Sapien

The crypto platform that solves more crucial problems can reach the top of the ladder. Sapien tries to solve a big problem with our social media platforms — fake news and pointless advertisements. We, the common people and consumers are constantly annoyed by the stupid and pushy marketers on our social media platforms. Sapien plans to put a stop to this anarchy.

Sapien is a decentralized social news platform based on Web 3.0. Content creators in the Sapien network are rewarded with SPN tokens for creating brilliant contents based on the rating given by other users. This SPN tokens can be used throughout the network as well as in the mainstream marketplaces.

The users could also monetize their contents as they have introduced micropayment and subscriptions. Users can grow their ratings by getting more positive feedbacks. These feedbacks are evaluated by the smart contracts. Sapien follows a proof-of-value consensus protocol that will be fightback against the fake news and scams. Sapien might become a true democratized social media platform where users, marketers, merchants, and publishers build an ecosystem that is beneficial to all.

The growing number of posts and active users are showing a clear sign that Sapien is here to stay. Sapien could really be the best contender of “the cryptocurrency of 2018”.

2. Cryptyk

Have you been dreaming of a perfectly secured cloud storage platform that can protect your private files from the cyber-attacks? Well, the God of technology has heard your prayers! Cryptyk uses a hybrid blockchain network that neutralizes the attack patterns of the hackers. Moreover, they plan to serve to bigger organizations like the banks, business firms, and corporate agencies.

Cryptyk is not the only cloud-based storage company. There are Storj, Filecoin, Siacoin, and MaidSafe who are getting popular for their brilliant services to the individual users and the small businesses. But Cryptyk is currently the only company who is planning to do things on a bigger scale.

Cryptyk has launched their decentralized utility token on July 18 naming CTK. The token sale will continue until they manage to earn $25 Million capital. Undoubtedly, they are one of the most promising coins of 2018, especially in the third quarter of the year.

3. Augur

Augur has a bit different strategy than most of the currencies. They claim to be the future of forecasting. If you have a thing for betting and predicting incidents, Augur might seem fairly interesting. They are a prediction market protocol. The common use cases of Augur include — political forecasting, event hedging, weather prediction, company forecasting.

The Augur cycle has five steps. These simple five steps could reward you money! First, you need to choose an event. The event could be anything like — who will win the US presidential election in 2020. Second, you need to create a market for the event you are choosing. The third step is buying and selling shares for the outcome of the event. Fourthly, you need to report the event outcome which might be for or against your prediction. In the final fifth step, you will claim the reward for the prediction.

You could choose to get the winning currency too. You could go for the Ethereum currency or the Reputation (REP) currency. Reputation is the native currency of the Augur ecosystem. The platform is decentralized and open-source. The Permissionless protocol of Augur lets anyone in the world join the platform.

Augur should be on your watchlist as there was a lot of buzz about the currency in the first two quarters of 2018.

4. Ontology

Ontology has created one of the biggest hypes of 2018. They have made it to the headlines multiple times this year already. And why wouldn’t it? Ontology is on the race to collect $1 Billion in market capital.

They call themselves a distributed network framework that works as a data exchange platform. The Ontology infrastructure constitutes of ONT blockchains, ONT blockchain frameworks, and ONT interaction protocols. Moreover, they have ONT ID, ONT data, and ONT scores as modules and protocols.

Ontology plans to serve both the government and private sectors. With their wide range of services and opportunities, they have gained immense popularity from the common users. No wonder why they are at the pace of a racecar.

With their Mainnet launch in the last June, the game has got even more interesting. Only time could tell how far Ontology will go. You have to consider Ontology before spending a dime on the cryptocurrencies.

5. 0x Protocol

The 0x Protocol is an open and permissionless protocol that allows Ethereum’s ERC-20 tokens to be traded all over the platform. Numerous projects are built on the 0x Protocol’s platform like — dEx, Radar, Paradex, Melonport, Aragon, Augur, and Blocknet.

They believe that all the valuable entities will become tokenized over time. The list includes the currencies, traditional assets, and the digital goods. With 0x, anyone can create a decentralized exchange. 0x is fast, reliable, scalable, and trustless as they use off-chain order relay on-chain settlement. Anyone can build the relayer. It makes the platform versatile as well as scalable.

There are three major benefits of it — trustless exchange, shared liquidity and the permissionless open-source nature. Such benefits will impact the overall market and enable decentralized governance, prediction markets, more stable tokens, loans, fund management. 0x Protocol opens up the border to infinity. Market experts have predicted that cryptocurrency of 0x, ZRX to surge in the coming months of 2018.

Concluding Words

Before considering spending your hard earned cash on any cryptocurrency, you should do your homework. Analyze the market, keep an eye on your favorite picks and study their trend lines. Investing in the cryptocurrencies is always a huge risk. I would suggest NOT to spend all your savings on a single currency or in the market. The crypto-market is still very volatile and anything can happen anytime. If you are still too doubtful, try considering spending on the big names like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, or Litecoin. They have earned their names over time.

But it’s late 2018 and it is time to be calculative and creative. The competition is now tougher than ever and there is a minimal chance for rookies to become a millionaire overnight. There is no alternative to researches and analysis. So, which coin will become the “coin of 2018”? Only time can tell mate, only time can tell!