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Please note that each ICO goes through our manual verification process to ensure correctness and quality of information. Thus, to speed up the listing, please make sure that the information you submit is free of errors.


ICO Submission
URL to ICO logo file. Recommended square-shaped image of 64 x 64 px minimum.
URL to ICO whitepaper document.
URL to ICO video. YouTube only!

ICO Team

e.g. CEO, CMO, CTO etc.
e.g. URL to Linkedin page

ICO Social Media

URL to ICO website.
URL to ICO Facebook page.
URL to ICO GitHub page.
URL to ICO Reddit page.
URL to ICO BitcoinTalk forum page.
URL to ICO Medium page.
URL to ICO Telegram channel.

ICO Financial Details

Please fill the financial details if they are already known and publicly communicated. The fields can be set with "N/A" if the ICO is at the very early stage and the financial parameters have not been decided yet.
e.g. 1 Token = 0.12 USD or 1 Token = 0.005 ETH
e.g. 1 ETH in the pre-ICO, 0.1 ETH in the ICO
e.g. 1 000 000 USD
e.g. 50 000 000 USD
e.g. ETH, BTC, USD etc.
e.g. 100 000 000
e.g. 30%

Optional promotion